Privacy Policy

This privacy policy clarifies and declares the legal terms and conditions of this site and the information exchanged between the website owners and the users. In regard to providing services to our users, we gather the necessary data some basic personal information of the user. In order to legally utilize the services and offers of this website, you must follow and agree to this privacy policy. In case if you disagree with this policy, you must stop using the services of this website.

Personal Data we collect:

In order to completely enjoy our services, you need to sign up with the website. At the time of signup, the site will ask for some personal data and information about you. This data is not utilized anywhere and is stored to improve the user experience and security of the website. The personal data we collect is only to ensure the accessibility of our services to you. No data or personal information whatsoever will be collected without your knowledge. The personal data we collect might be your name, and contact number. However, this data will not include the passport number, drivers’ license number, bank card numbers, or any other registration numbers that might be provided to you by a third party. You will require to enter a password to create a private account. Make sure to protect the password at all costs. That password shouldn’t be provided or exposed to any other entity or used with any third-party services.


To ensure maximum security and avoid any possible security breach, we may encrypt your data and password so that you can use the services without any interruption. The encryption of the data is only to ensure maximum security and avoid any security breach. Your data and personal information are used to provide you with our best premium services. In order to use our services, you are advised to accept our privacy policy. The website can change the encryption policy without prior notice to every user. As our user, you grant us the privilege to change the encryption policy anytime to ensure maximum security.